Product Detail


Type: Stack
Model: FS5000E/FS500024E
Power Capacity: 5000/10000VA
Supply Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC(50/60Hz)
PV Charge Mode: MPPT
PV Max Input Power: 5.5/11kW
MPPT Input Voltage Range: 120-430Vdc
Product Detail

High efficiency

Advanced MPPT technology

efficiency up to 99.9%

UPS, Switch within 10ms

High charge and discharge efficiency

improve system economic benefits

Easy to use

Rich customization settings

Self-contained battery

capacity&power are optional

Easy to move with wheels

(detachable and portable)

Safe and reliable

With multiple protection functions

Functional protection

Over temperature, overload, over voltage, over current, short circuit protection

FS5000E FS500024E Datasheet EN 0411.pdf
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