Product Detail


Type: All-in-one
Model: FA5000E
Power Capacity: 5000/10000VA
Input Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC
Supply Voltage: 44.8~58.4V
PV Charge Mode: MPPT
PV Max Input Power: 5.5kW
MPPT Input Voltage Range: 120-430Vdc
Battery Energy: 5.12kWh
Product Detail

Cells cycle times 6000 cycles(+25℃ 0.2C 80% DOD).

Long lifespan: 10 years + life design.

Unique, Elegant and Powerful.

Smart BMS system to optimize the performance.

Communication: RS485/CAN/SNMP/Wifi/Bluetooth,Compatible with different brand of solar inverter and chargers (optional).

360 degree protection: such as SOC/SOH/ Anti-theft function etc..

High discharge rate currents, suitable for on-grid or off-grid solar system and other loads.

With front display panel for easy access to status of the batteries.

GN5000E Datasheet EN 0411.pdf
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