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Type: Stack
Model: FS5000E/FS500024E
Input Voltage:
Supply Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC(50/60Hz)
5KW Off-Grid- Split
Type: Split
Model: FN5000E/FN3000E
Rated Input Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC(50/60Hz)
Voltage: 220VAC
Max PV Input Power: 6/4kW
Type: All-in-one
Model: FA5000E
Input Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC
Supply Voltage: 44.8~58.4V
6KW On-Off-Grid-Single
Type: Single Phase Inverter
Model: GN6000E
Max PV Input Power:
Output Power: 6kW
12KW On-Off-Grid Three Phase Inverter
Type: Three Phase Inverter
Model: GN12000E3
Max PV Input Power:
Output Power: 13.2KVA
Low Voltage Battery
Type: Low Voltage Battery
Model: GN48VE
Number of Battery: 2/3/4/5
Battery Capacity: 10.24 / 15.35 / 20.48 / 25.6 / 30.72 / 35.84 / 40.96kWh
Rated Voltage: 51.2V
High Voltage Battery
Type: High Voltage Battery
Model: GNHVE
Number of Battery: 4/6/8/10
Battery Capacity: 5.12 / 10.24 /15.36 / 20.48 kWh
Rated Voltage: 204.8 / 307.2 / 409.6 / 512 V
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